Game Log: Jan 25, 2019: Brooklyn 109 NY 99

“Where do the Knicks go from here?” said Walt Frazier with a minute left in the game. Was Clyde calling bottom? Possibly a good time to buy the $KNICKS stock. But it may be a while before it rises. Last night in Brooklyn — another game another loss. Knicks looked good in the 1st half, but then the Nets muscled their way to the lead — and at one point a 16 point lead — in the 2nd half en route to the easy win.

Brooklyn fans (and probably many Knick fans) were chanting “We want Kanter” to mock coach Fizdale not playing him. Even as the Knicks were hammered on the boards. And Enes Kanter put his finger up in acknowledgement.

How Did Frank Ntilikina Do?

With Emmanuel Mudiay out for 3 weeks with a strained shoulder, this has become Frank Ntilikina‘s time to shine — run the offense as the starting point guard. Ntilikina had a good game defensively, and started off the game doing well on both ends — playing a pretty good offensive point in the 1st quarter — but it was Trey Burke (25 pts on 10-19) running the point at the end of the game. During a stretch in the 3rd quarter Ntilikina looked tepid offensively — bringing the ball upcourt and possession after possession simply passing to teammate on perimeter for a jumper. After multiple straight jumpshot-jumpshot-jumpshot possessions — all missed — Brooklyn got back into the game (had been trailing by 8 or so points), Ntilikina committed his 4th foul and was replaced by Burke. Ntilikina returned with 7 min left in the 4th but it was Burke running point there on out.

Trier and Robinson

Allonzo Trier and Mitchell Robinson continued to be bright spots for the Knicks. Trier cuts through defenses like a hot knife thru butter and Robinson is “Skinny Shaq” as his teammates knicknamed him in summer camp. And the two hookup well together to boot.

Trier was 4-6 for 13 points but oddly did not play much in the 3rd quarter when the Nets got back in the game and the Knicks needed firepower. Trier only played 24 minutes. Robinson (6 pts, 4 blocks) only played 16 minutes despite staying out of foul trouble (finished with 2 fouls).

Swiss Army Knife

While Robinson with his 4 blocks, 6 points on slams, and only 2 fouls got only 16 minutes, Fizdale played Lance Thomas 26 minutes. After the game, Fizdale explained: “And that’s why Lance is such much more of Swiss Army knife type of player that can guard multiple positions and switch. Tim Hardaway is making $18 million for two more years with us. He’s a part of our future from that standpoint.”

Hardaway 39 Minutes

Tim Hardaway Jr played 39 minutes and was 2-14 (0-6 from 3) and helped shoot the Knicks out of that 3rd quarter that Trier didn’t play much in.

Kevin Knox was quiet in this game — made some nice plays but overall shot poorly — 2-11 for 7 points.

For the Nets

D’Angelo Russell got 3 early fouls and didn’t play much in this game. Ntilikina did a good job on him defensively in the first quarter. Russell played the 4th — and Trey Burke was guarding him at the end. The Nets bench of Ed Davis, Shabazz Napier, Theo Pinson, and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson did much of the damage against the Knicks.

The Nets looked like the much-better-coached team. Kenny Atkinson doing a terrific job there. It was the Nets 6th straight win and they are now 27-23. Knicks fall to 10-37. Bottom.

The boxscore:

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