Game Log: Dec 21, 2018: Atlanta 114 NY 107

Knicks had a double-digit lead throughout the first half — led by 9 at the half, and then Atlanta dominated the second half, taking the lead with about 5 minutes left and winning.

Kevin Knox was a human highlight reel in the first quarter for the Knicks — but only took 6 shots in the second half. They didn’t get him the ball. Emmanuel Mudiay with another 32 point game on 12-20. He is the Knicks point guard.

Frank Ntilikina with 14 minutes off the bench, and 0 points. Ntilikina has essentially become a 14-minute-per-game reserve guard.

Trae Young hurt the Knicks late — had 15 points and 11 assists. But he is way small on defense — Mudiay posted him up and scored at will on him late. Jeremy Lin scored 11 points on 5-8.

Tim Hardaway Jr. (4-10 15 pts) took a bunch of 3’s in the 4th that had Knicks Twitter howling at his shot selection — one time he came down on the break and hoisted a 3 in traffic with 3 guys on him and missed.

After the game, coach Fizdale was asked about his starting team’s defensive numbers, and said “Yeah, they’re ugly, but it’s like what can I do other than get to work and try to fix the things that they’re screwing up. I don’t really want to tweak the lineup right now. I want to get us back to playing solid basketball and understanding where we’re screwing up and where we can get better.”

The boxscore:

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