Tom Thibodeau’s 6 Areas that an NBA Coach Should Excel At

After a convincing win over Boston on February 27, 2023, Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau was asked how he — a great Defensive coach — felt the Knicks were rolling along offensively — and if he was happy with the game vs Boston where the Knicks rolled on offense against a tough Boston defense.

Thibs said:

“I’m very biased to winning.

Everyone’s pigeon holed into something — you’re a defensive guy, you’re an offensive guy, you’re a player development guy, you’re this you’re that whatever it is.”

Thibs 6 Areas that a Good Coach Covers

Thibs continued,

“I like to think I’m a basketball coach. And I’ve worked for people that expected you to do all three. They expected you to:

  1. Coach offense,
  2. Coach defense,
  3. Player develop,
  4. Game plan,
  5. Scout, and
  6. Evaluate personnel.

And that’s the way I approach it.”

Good Defensive Coach Leads to Good Offense

Thibs added:

“I think having a good understanding of defense also helps you offensively — it gives you an idea of matchups and how to attack certain schemes. So I think all that stuff helps.

And to have good players; that helps a lot.”

Versus Boston

In the game against Boston,

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