Thibs on the New Knicks with OG Anunoby & Precious Achiuwa

In the post game interview after OG Anunoby and Precious Achiuwa‘s first game, coach Tom Thibodeau had this to say on their addition to the current roster that includes Julius Randle, Jalen Brunson, Donte DiVincenzo, Josh Hart, Isaiah Hartenstein, and Quentin Grimes:

OG’s Defense Helps Overall Defense Which Leads to Offense

“I thought our activity defensively got us into the open floor some, and then it’s drive-and-kick basketball — if you can attack before their set.”

OG’s Off-Ball Movement

Thibs on OG Anunoby’s off-ball movement:

“Instinctively OG is very good at that. We have a number of guys (who do that well) — I think Josh does it great; I think Donte does it great.”

Getting Brunson & Randle Easier Baskets

“And then when they go to the blitz or the double team, if we get to the right areas, we can play off that — making the second pass. I thought we had a number of plays off that. Julius got it going; he started getting doubled, and we played off that. Jalen was getting blitzed throughout so (we played off that).”

“I think getting Jalen easier baskets and getting Julius easier baskets is helpful too. So when a ball does come out, it’s drive, pass, pass and often times there’s another drive and then those guys are the ones left open and the defense isn’t set, so you’re not working so hard to get a shot.”

Of 1st & 2nd Teams

“You look at all the possibilities; you think it’s going to work a certain way. And then what you don’t have are the variables; you could have foul trouble, you could have matchups, they change their substitution pattern. ”

“Quentin has started; Donte has started; Josh has started. So those guys are real comfortable going with both units and I think that’s helpful. Same thing for Isaiah — he’s started with the 2nd unit and then has gone to the 1st unit.”

“But that’s what you’d like — you’d like it to be interchangeable. And sometimes a guy gets going and you want to take advantage of that as well. Just put the team first. I thought there was great unselfishness tonite.”


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