Thibodeau’s Multi-Step Plan to Change Randle & the Knicks’ 3-Pt Shot Profile

Julius Randle scored 46 points, including 7-14 from 3 — to lead the Knicks to a 115-109 win over the Washington Wizards in the first game after the 2023 All Star break. Randle put on a Pablo Picasso of a performance to help the Knicks improve their record to 34-27.

Afterwards, coach Tom Thibodeau was asked about Randle’s 3-pt prowess this year.

Randle’s (and the Team’s) Shot Profile

“We talked about that from 3 years ago,” answered Thibodeau. “That we were at such a great deficit, team wide.”

Thibs continued: “We felt that if Randle would change his shot profile, it would change his game, and it did. Three years ago, he shot over 40% from 3 — and it opened his game up because

  • he’s got the great first step,
  • he’s got the power, and
  • he can attack the rim.

So when he’s hitting that shot it opens the floor up for us.

And there was a wide margin; we were at a huge deficit.”

The Plan

Thibs revealed the plan:

“So the whole plan was, let’s close the gap. We wanted to be high volume — and I think we’re 7th or 8th in the league now in 3-pt attempts — and try to get to league average (in percentage).

We challenged every player to do it. It’s a team responsibility.

Not only to take them, but to create them.”

The Steps of the Plan

Thibs revealed the steps of the plan:

“So how do you create them?

  1. You have to attack the rim, and
  2. Then you have to make rim reads:
    1. If there’s traffic, spray it.
    2. If you’re one on one and you have an angle to the basket, go.
    3. Also getting to the free throw line. If you look at Randle’s free throw attempts, they’ve gone way up — those are high-value shots.
  3. We wanted to put more of a limit on the mid range shot; not that we say never, but there’s a time and place, and we had to get the volume of those down.

And I think he (Randle) has; and I think that’s been a big change for him.”

In the game against Washington, the Knicks were 12-29 from 3 (41.4 %). Besides Randle going 7-14, Immanuel Quickley was 3-6 from 3, RJ Barrett was 1-2 from 3, and Quentin Grimes was 1-2 from 3. Jalen Brunson (0-3 from 3), Obi Toppin (0-1 from 3) and Josh Hart (0-1 from 3) also took 3’s. Mitchell Robinson did not take a 3 and has not yet taken a 3 in his NBA career.

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