RJ Barrett Bully Ball

Once upon a time the Knicks used a high lottery pick to draft a great 2-way guard who they hoped would be a cornerstone of the team in the years to come. It was 1982 and that guard was Trent Tucker out of Minnesota, picked #6 overall. NY hoped he’d be the next Sidney Moncrief.

TrentΒ  Tucker

Tucker could shoot and defend; he was 6’5 and slender. The one thing that became immediately apparent to Knicks fans was that Tucker did not like to drive to the basket much. As fans, the first 2 to 3 years that he played we hoped he’d learn to do it better and do it more — but he never did. Tucker ended up being a decent starter and good reserve guard for the Knicks for 9 years — a 3-and-D guard before the term was invented. He had a career-defining highlight against the Chicago Bulls — catching an inbounds pass and hitting a 3-pointer with .1 second left on the clock, forcing the NBA to change its rules and institute the “Trent Tucker Rule” that says its impossible to do that.

R.J. Barrett = The Next D Wade… or the First R.J. Barrett

Thirty seven years later, in 2019, the Knicks used a high lottery pick (#3 overall) to pick a great 2-way guard they hoped would become a cornerstone of the franchise — RJ Barrett. This time they seem to have struck gold. And the big difference between Barrett and Tucker is that Barrett LOVES to drive to the basket and score against contact. It is the strongest part of his game. Barrett is bigger than Tucker — Barrett is 6’6 but looks 6’7 — and is famous for his Bully Ball moves to the basket.

Barrett is a TOUGH defender who regularly takes on the other team’s best scorer, and is improving his outside shooting and free throw shooting. He’s a budding star. He has looked from day 1 like he will be the next Dwyane Wade. And perhaps the first RJ Barrett.

This post is a capture of highlights of Barrett’s Bully Ball moves to the basket. Just a smattering from recent games:

Vs Charlotte:



Vs Atlanta, March 25, 2022

Versus Portland

Barrett DEFENSE vs Washington

Vs Brooklyn

Vs Dallas

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