Deuce McBride Unlocked by the Quickley-Barrett-OG-Precious Trade

The Immanuel Quickley trade has unlocked Miles McBride — who was out of the rotation this season after the addition of Donte DiVincenzo to the backcourt.

McBride’s addition to the rotation last season (at the expense of Derrick Rose who found the bench) turned the Knicks season around.

His on-ball defense is fantastic. He is knicknamed “Deuce” McBride but he can hit the 3 and score in a variety of ways.  In a game against Philly on January 5th, 2024 — McBride hit 4 (four) consecutive 3’s at the end of the 1st quarter to turn a 10-pt Philly lead into a NY advantage — triggering a Knick rout of the 76ers.

“We’re going to have to start calling him “Trey”! He’s not a Deuce he’s a Trey!” — said Walt Frazier on the broadcast.

Unlocking McBride Part of Knick Management Plan

Knicks management seemed to be announcing this strategic move of unlocking McBride by re-signing him to a 3-year, $13 Million extension right after the trade of Immanuel Quickley & RJ Barrett for OG Anunoby & Precious Achiuwa.

Thibs on McBride

“We saw it last year when he filled in,” said coach Tom Thibodeau. “We got glimpses of it. When you study what he did in the G League when he got extended minutes — he’s just a fierce competitor. There’s so many things that you can say about him. He’s very confident. That’s what I love about him. He can make a shot; he can go off the dribble.”

In his first game with extended minutes after the trade, McBride didn’t seem to do so well but he has been heating up since. “Your first instinct is maybe he didn’t play as good as he could have,” said coach Thibodeau referring to McBride’s first game after the trade, vs Minnesota. “But then you watch the film he has 2 charges, he makes a 3 and it’s really a by product of the unit not functioning well together. We need a little time for everyone to adjust. We’re not going to make excuses; we’re going to find a way to get it done; hopefully we get better each and every day.”

Ball Moving Freely After the Trade; Knicks Pace Improved

“Honestly, teammates kept finding me — and you can’t pass up open opportunities,” said McBride on the 4 (four) consecutive 3’s he hit vs Philly. “I shot it with confidence and trusted my preparation.”

Walt Frazier asked McBride about the Knicks play after the trade, to which Frazier observed “how freely the ball is moving now, and the pace with which you guys are playing.”

“One of our main focuses is to play with pace; trust the pass; make sure everyone is getting involved because you know the ball has energy in it so we just want to feed off of each other,” said McBride. “I’m very thankful to this organization for 1) drafting me and then trusting me to extend me. I’m just happy to be here.”



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