A Bad Loss. Fournier’s Bad Steak at Issue. Obi Between-Legs Slam. But Indiana 122 NY 102

The Knicks were beaten badly on the 2nd night of a back-to-back by the Pacers in Indiana, ruining all the good feelings of the nice win the night before over San Antonio. In particular, Chris Duarte torched Evan Fournier all night. After the game it was revealed Fournier wasn’t feeling up to par after eating a bad steak in San Antonio.

This became the Evan Fournier-bad-steak-in-Texas game.

1. Duarte Burned Fournier

Chris Duarte shot 9-11 (2-2 from 3) for 23 points and a +23. Fournier was guarding him early. Fournier had 7 pts on 2-6 shooting in 22 minutes.

2. Pacer Starters Reigned

The Knicks were down by 7 after the 1st quarter; down by 13 at the half; and down by 20 entering the 4th. It was never close.

All of Indiana’s starters had their way with the Knicks — Caris LeVert was 6-12 for 15 pts and a +20; Domantas Sabonis was 7-8 for 21 points and a +22; Myles Turner was 8-13 for 22 pts and a +26; and Malcolm Brogdon was 5-11 for 16 pts and a +24.

The Knick starters obviously had the opposite of those great +/- numbers.

Julius Randle was 6-18 for 18 pts but a -22. RJ Barrett — coming off a terrific 32-pt game the night before — had a good game — 5-12 shooting (3-5 from 3; 6-7 in free throws) for 19 pts but a -25.

3. Toppin’s Between-the-Legs Slam

Obi Toppin was 6-9 off the bench for 13 energy-filled points. He made the play of the game on a break-away, when he went between the legs for a slam. It made the back page of the Daily News.

4. McBride the Other Silver Lining

Miles McBride got to play in the 4th in garbage time — he had 4 pts in 4 minutes on 1-2 shooting and an assist for a +5.

That was it for Silver Linings.

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