Blowout. 4 Observations. Denver 114 Knicks 89

This was a tough game to write an article on. Because I watched the game, but forgot about most of it as soon as it was over. Watched most of the game. Sat in front of the TV for all of the game, but started looking at the iphone in the 4th quarter — mind wandering to other things as the Knicks were getting blown out.


1. Denver Was Better

Denver came across as the better team — simply. They are a well-oiled machine that went deep into the playoffs a few months ago (the end of last year). They have Nikola Jokic (22 pts on 9-15, 10 rebounds, 5 assists in only 30 minutes) and a bunch of athletic guards who hit their shots — Jamaal Murray (4-9 for 9 pts), Gary Harris (6-10, 2-4 from 3 for 14 pts), Monte Morris (5-10, 2-5 from 3 for 12 pts and a +26), 6’6 PJ Dozier (4-6, 3-5 from 3 for 12 points and a +17 in 17minutes), and 6’8 Jamychal Green (4-5, 2-2 from 3 for 10 pts).

Denver is loaded with shooters, who make their shot. They have guards who do it; they have big guys coming off the bench who do it: 7’0 Isaiah Hartenstein went 3-3 for 8 pts and a +15. Even Bol BolManute Bol‘s 7’2″ son — came off the bench and hit a 3.

2. Randle & Payton Tried to Carry Team

Julius Randle and Elfrid Payton seemed to be the only Knicks making a positive difference all evening. Payton kept the Knicks alive in the 2nd and 3rd quarters with constant attacks to the rim. He finished 4-10 (4-5 free throws) for 12 pts, and 5 assists in 32 minutes.

And Julius Randle was a beast again — 29 pts (on 11-16, 2-5 from 3, 5-6 in free throws), 10 rebounds, 5 assists in 38 minutes. As Mike Breen noted at one point, “Randle playing like he can take it to anybody at any time.”

3. Robinson No (Zero) Fouls in 34 Minutes!

Mitch Robinson played well — most auspiciously not getting called for any fouls — zero (o) — in 34 minutes, and going 5-5 for 11 pts and 5 rebounds. Knicks Twitter were asking for him to take a 3 in the 4th after Bol hit one — but of course that didn’t happen. We await that day when Mitchell Robinson is allowed to take an outside shot.

4. More Poor Shooting from Quickley & Barrett

It was another poor shooting night for RJ Barrett: 4-13 (0-3 from 3) for 9 pts and a -14, although overall that +/- wasn’t bad considering the Knicks were blown out by 25 and he played 33 minutes. He had 9 rebounds and 4 assists so his overall contribution remains solid.

And it was another poor game from Immanuel Quickley: 0-4 (0-2 from 3, 4-4 in free throws) for 4 points and a -18 in 13 minutes. At least it is good to see he continues to be an ace free throw shooter.

Austin Rivers tried but didn’t make much of a difference in this game, and Kevin Knox was ok. Again I don’t remember much even though I watched the whole game.


The most interesting point of the 2nd half was when Mike Breen said that PJ Dozier was from Columbia, South Carolina, and Walt Frazier remembered that Alex English was from the same town.

The Boxscore

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