Game Log — Jan 9, 2019: Golden State 122 NY 95

Another horrific loss. Knicks hung in there for the 1st half and then got blown away. It was Golden State — whom Knicks had played well last time — but still, this Knicks team has no identity — they are not known for their defense, and they are not known for their offense.

Knicks Identity

They’re the youngest team in the league and they have a lot of good young talent. So maybe that is their identity.  They have a nurturing ‘player’s’ coach — but it is becoming less clear if David Fizdale is a good coach, let alone a great coach.

Mario Hezonja + Enes Kanter = Best Knicks Right Now

In this game vs Golden State, the Knicks starting team all had horrific +/- numbers. From Emmanuel Mudiay‘s -29 (7 points in 25 minutes albiet he did a good job on Stephen Curry who only had 14 points on 5-19) to Noah Vonleh‘s -28 to Kevin Knox‘s -24.

Knox did get 12 points on 4-11 but the Knick stars were the bench — again Mario Hezonja was the Knicks best player on the court — 19 points in 25 minutes on 7-11, and Enes Kanter a +2! — 12 points and 16 rebounds.

Allonzo Trier finally got his legs under him — he’s been off since coming back from the hamstring injury. Trier looked good — quick and penetrating — 11 pts on 5-13. Trey Burke looked ok.

Hardaway Jr Gets Injured Every Time He Gets Beat on a Play?

Tim Hardaway Jr. injured his leg on one play late in the 1st half, when a teammate accidentally barreled into his thigh — and was writhing in pain on the floor for 2 minutes — but then came out after the half looking absolutely fine. The way he writhed you’d think he’d be out for a week. Hardaway has a tendency to dramatically overact like that after receiving injuries on the court. It seems to happen when he gets beat on a play. Later in the game he drove to the basket and then hobbled to the free throw line — but then was absolutely fine on the next play back. But he had an ok game — 13 points on 4-7.

Klay Thompson

PS it would be fair to mention that Klay Thompson destroyed the Knicks in this game — 18-29 for 43 points including 7-16 from 3. And Kevin Durant looked great early — 24 points on 7-14. Draymond Green only 2 points but 11 rebounds and 11 assists.

The boxscore:


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