16th Straight Loss: Feb 10, 2019: Toronto 104 NY 99

Knicks keep losing, and everything is fine in the Knicks Universe. Meanwhile things are falling apart in Boston (35-21)!

  • Last night — as the Knicks were losing again — the Celtics blew a huge lead against the Clippers and were booed at Boston Garden, then
  • @JaredWeissNBA tweeted that Marcus Morris of the Celtics was unhappy: “Mook: When I look around the league I see a bunch of guys getting up and cheering on the bench and playing for each other. When I look at us, I just see a bunch of individuals.”
  • Two days earlier, Anthony Davis‘s dad said his son would not go to the Celtics because of what they did to Isaiah Thomas.
  • Kyrie Irving said he is not committing to resigning with Boston.

The Knicks Have Mitchell Robinson

Meanwhile — the Knicks played a great game that went to the final minute against the #2 team in the East, Toronto. Their 16th loss in the row keeping them with the worst record in the league as they seek an elite draft pick.

And if the Knicks have to trade Mitchell Robinson in a package for Anthony Davis, it will be one of the biggest bummers as a Knicks fan in 20 years. He continued to electrify the Garden last night. Career high 15 points.

At one point in the fourth, we tweeted:

  • Mitchell Robinson Block!
  • Mitchell Robinson offensive rebound — hands to Knox — Knox misses putback — Mitchell Robinson Another offensive rebound — puts it in himself!


  • Robinson hits the free throw to complete the 3-pt play. Big him hitting his free throws NY 86 Tor 85 7:11 left

I’d rather have Mitchell Robinson than the #1 pick in the draft — how about that. People are saying if he puts on 20 pounds of muscle watch out — but — if he puts on 20 pounds will he not possibly jump as well as he does now?

Kevin Knox

Kevin Knox had his floater game on and hit a number of pretty, high-arcing 3’s (20 pts on 7-21, 4-9 from 3). That means he was 3-12 from 2-pt range — has to improve there. His floater is his best weapon inside — he needs to improve his ability to finish at the basket.

Knicks Lose in Final Minute

This game went down to the final minute, with the Knicks playing good Defense — Smith missed a 3-pt jumper that would’ve tied the game at 96. Toronto with a 3-point lead coughed up the ball but it went back to Toronto and Serge Ibaka who was fouled inside. “Serendipity” said Walt Frazier, was against the Knicks tonite.

Allonzo Trier was again looking to pass more than penetrate on offense. Kadeem Allen was in there at the end, along with Dennis Smith Jr. Allen had a terrific game (14 pts on 5-11, 4 rebounds 6 assists in 28 min). Trier with 7 points on 3-7 in 24 minutes.

DeAndre Jordan was a beast — 10 pts and 18 rebounds and several slam dunks on alley oops from former Dallas teammate Dennis Smith Jr. — showing NY their Dallas connection. Beyond that Smith had a lot of problems with this shot this game — he didn’t finish many drives to the hoop, and didn’t hit his jumpers (4-17 for 13 points). It made on remember how efficient Emmanuel Mudiay has been this year at finishing.

Knicks Change After Trading Deadline Over

Noah Vonleh played well — first time in a while. He came off the bench for the first time in a while (had been the Knicks starting power forward for the last few months). He had 9 pts (5-9), 5 rebounds in 25 minutes. After the game, Marc Berman of the NY Post speculated that Vonleh got yanked last game (3 minutes) and lost his starting job because Fizdale was no longer showcasing him for a trade, with the trading deadline over. According to a Berman source (reporters — not just Berman — are now routinely calling unnamed sources, “NBA source”), Vonleh did not get the return the Knicks were hoping for (nor did Frank Ntilikina, or anyone else the Knicks were floating including Kristaps Porzingis).

How Toronto Did

For Toronto, Kyle Lowry outdueled Smith — Lowry with 22 points on 6-10. Smith was playing second game of a back-to-back so maybe he was tired. Lowry took it to him. Serge Ibaka played well (15 pts, 13 rebounds). Norman Powell also shot well.

But the Knicks did a good job defensively, causing poor shooting from Kawhi Leonard (4-15 for 11 pts), Norman Powell (5-14 for 14 pts), Marc Gasol (3-7 for 7 pts), and Pascal Siakam (3-13 for 10 pts).

The Boxscore:


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